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Our Growth and Preservation Fundraiser is ongoing. Support the restoration and renovation of our beautiful and historic church!

Thankful’s GAP Drive 

What is the GAP Drive?   GAP stands for “Growth And Preservation.”  The community at Thankful is ready to commit to updating our quickly-deteriorating buildings and grounds – from the historic organ to the ancient HVAC systems, from the beautiful but overgrown garden to the decrepit siding of St. Mary’s Parish Hall.  That’s the preservation piece. 

And then there’s the growth!  Thankful continues to attract more and more families with young children, but our worship spaces for kids are not really welcoming.  We hope to create an area in the basement of our sanctuary that will allow children and young families to participate in worship in ways that make sense for them.  That same space will then be flexible enough for use by our own membership and the St. Elmo community at large. 

You can learn more about the GAP Drive in this brochure.  To donate, you can send a check marked “GAP” to Thankful at P.O. Box 2274, Chattanooga, TN 37409 or donate online here.  You can also send in a pledge card.  And click here for information about naming opportunities.

The vision for Thankful’s Community Room/Children’s Chapel in the sanctuary basement: